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What I'm not going to do on this website is waffle on about how brilliant I am, how I can dramatically increase sales and business for you or how I provide the 'full package'. Neither will I tell you how many 'blue sky concepts' (whatever they are) I've come up with. I’m afraid what you see is what you get - a dose of creative, quality writing! But enough words.

About me

I have over 30 years experience in Marketing Communications, specialising in copywriting and PR, spending the first 10 years of my “career” as a journalist. I have worked in both the private and public sectors in editor, contributing editor and PR capacities - Manpower Services Commission (as was), Leeds Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rotherham Training and Enterprise Council, Vauxhall Motors (Head Office), the Department for Work and Pensions, Humber LEP, Hull University Business School, the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, Arriva Transport Solutions and Wrexham Council.

Subjects covered

I have written on subjects as varied as healthcare, kitchens, automotive, transport. business and commerce, menswear, entertainment, retail, pharmaceutical, holidays, environmental/green issues, public service, local government, renewables, inward investment, holiday, leisure, transport and even fish and chips (admittedly, rather world-famous Yorkshire-based ones!).

What I do

It may sound a little twee, but I write all kinds of copy for all kinds of businesses! So if you need a writer for any purpose, providing it’s decent, honest and legal, let’s get chatting! Wherever you are, I’m simply an email away - and all it will cost you is a little time in sending that email. Whether a private individual, a business or a marketing agency needing assistance with some professionally written words, do get in touch.

Service provision

* Marketing/publicity copywriting * Research and report writing * Booklet and brochure copy * Website authoring (+SEO) * Annual reports * Speech and seminar writing * Journals, newsletters, magazines * Editing, sub-editing, proof-reading * Ghost-writing * Press releases and notices * Magazine/newspaper editorial * Interviews and case studies * Customer propositions * Sales letters * PR, marketing communications
“Welcome to those looking for a copywriter - someone who can string a few words along in a logical manner so that they make sense and get the message across. I put fingers to keyboard and spit out words, sometimes sentences and occasionally even paragraphs. But only the words, sentences and paragraphs you really need.” Ed Moss
Copywriting, Editorial and Public Relations
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