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Providing you with all the write stuff you need
• copywriting, • journalism • editing, sub-editing, proof-reading • press releases, editorials • interviews, case studies, speeches • research, report writing • magazines, journals, newletters • website authoring, social media • prospectus, booklet, brochure writing • annual reports, sales letters • event organisation and management • meeting management and facilitation
Originally a journalist and editor, Ed has 30 years experience in marketing communications across the private, public and third sectors. Some of the organisations Ed has worked for as an editor, in PR, marketing communications as well as in training and event management capacities include:

Manpower Services Commission (as was), Leeds Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rotherham Training and Enterprise Council, Vauxhall Motors (Head Office), the Department for Work and Pensions, Humber LEP, Hull University Business School, the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, Arriva Transport Solutions and Wrexham Council.

He is currently consultant editor of UK Ports yearbook and magazine and assists both businesses and private individuals with their copywriting, authoring, presentation and general marcomms writing needs.

(Homepage photo, sunset in Altea, Spain, by Ed)
Some very nice words from some of our extremely nice clients (Photo: Cartegena, Colombia by Ed)
Farnborough, UK
Ed provided an extremely quick turnaround on copywriting for a website. Understood the brief and demonstrated his depth of knowledge on the subject. I have no hesitation in recommending his services and hiring him again. Excellent work.  
Nick | Owner  
Inverness, Florida, USA  
Edward was a great editor and stands by his ranking on this site. I would recommend him for anyone wanting to get work corrected. I would be so happy to work with him again. Edward was a very kind person to talk to, and he did justice to my novel. Super awesome guy.  
Netshaly C | Author  
Birmingham, UK
Great help with my best man speech! Quick turn around and very responsive.  

Andrew V | Best Man 
Manchester, UK 
Quick turnaround and great piece of work!  
Freedhome | Luxury Motorhome Hire
Mumbai, India  
Edward is fantastic to work with. He not only delivered the script with punch added but also managed to deliver it within our erratic schedule. His experience in Marketing and sales was a bonus. Please accept my thanks Ed.  
Deepti N  
Dagenham, UK  
Quality work delivered quickly. Went the extra mile and will be getting more work from us, for sure  
Matthew P  
City of London, UK  
Excellent - Speedy, Professional and did exactly what he says on the tin.  
Peter F  
Cleveland, Ohio, US  
Ed, is by far one of the best people I have had the pleasure of working with. He is highly skilled and the colorful personality makes working together enjoyable. You couldn't find a better person to partner with on projects.  
Doug S
Cottages.com - Perthshire, Scotland  
Ed has a natural flair for creating engaging, informative and compelling content. He has worked on several projects with very different audiences, creating website copy that is well targeted and brings ideas to life. He can make a quick brief clearly convey difficult concepts, create well researched tourist information and write a succinct press release - turnaround is always very quick. Ed delivers quality, we will certainly be asking him for future copy work and have no hesitation in thoroughly recommend him.  
Veronica Murray-Pore | Managing Director
Leadcom Seating - Guangzhou, China
Ed and Maykit have been helping us with our writing requirements on a range of theatre and educational seating, tables and accessories for our brochures, our website and for our advertisements. Despite not working directly with our industry before, he was up to speed and producing what we needed in no time.  
Fiona Liang | Marketing Director
General terms and conditions. . . . . for commissioning Ed Moss, Copywriter and Marketing Communications Specialist
The general terms and conditions are available to download as a PDF (Portable Document Format), and if you haven’t a reader installed, you can get one here at https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader or https://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf-reader.  Please read through the Terms and Conditions carefully. 

Although a bit wordy, they provide what I hope is a reasonable clarification in the unlikely event of a disagreement arising regarding any work I do for you. If you choose to engage my services, I would be very much obliged if you would confirm that you've read through and confirm you agree when you contact me in the first instance to comission my services. 

Click the logo below to download terms and conditions. 

Data protection 
This website uses only essential cookies needed to run the site correctly. I don’t collect, analyse or keep any cookies myself, because I have no use for them. If you arrived here via, for example, Google, I’m sure they track you, but I don't (unless requested by law to do so) track your visit. 

Should you email me, your email address will be used only to reply to you for the purpose of sending you work carried out, to contact you with the dreaded invoice, or for the purposes of emailing you with occasional newsletter or update (please email me if you do not wish to receive these [the newsletter and not invoices by the way - sorry, but invoices you will receive!]. 

Your email address, or any further confidential details tendered will not be lent, given, disclosed or sold to any third party. All financials are by invoicing, with your settlement via electronic banking direct transfer, so none of your personal financial details are retained by me. The only financial information I will receive is notice from my bank of receipt of the payment you have sent for work undertaken together with any reference number you use. You should check with your bank as to how they use your data

Full terms and conditions, please click here (Photo, taken from up on Monserrate in Bogota, Colombia by Ed)